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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
honeymoon destination

4 Honeymoon destinations on a shoe string budget

The wedding scenes are candidly shot by drone, a grand baaraat showed up good moves and of course, your family insisted on screening pre-wedding videos...
good thoughts

Is your Karma dependent on your Thoughts?

In a world that is riddled with competition, people joining the rat race, the mind finds it difficult to be stable. Competition does not...

Stay hydrated this summer

The summer season is here though the nip in the air is still there. But in a week or two everyone will start complaining...

5 types of cocktails that resemble 5 types of personalities

Alcohol is a personality detector and we have decided to give it a shot! Whether it is at office amongst colleagues who plan a...

‘Cinema has to be a good balance of heart and mind’

On a chilly winter morning, over breakfast, I met Padma Shri filmmaker Girish Kasaravalli. He agreed to do the interview before he headed to...
Studio Aadyaa

Sayalee Marathe opens up to IndiaVocal about her studio ‘Aadyaa’

'Aadyaa'that means 'the beginning' is a small sacred studio nestled off Prabhat road. We enter the Studio Aadyaa at 12, just as it kickstarts...

Preserving Indian Culture and Tradition

The first ancient Indian Poet Valmiki used the Ramayan to express the pure Advaita philosophy, the contents of the Upanishads. Ram an Avatar of...
Mutual Funds

‘The Mutual Fund Industry is passing through its best ever phase’

Mutual Funds are 'one-stop shops' for all the investment needs of a retail investor" India has been witnessing a strong move towards 'financialisation' of assets...
Perfume, Music

Perfume And Music Notes We Think Are A Boon

 4 notes of Perfumes and Music that relinquish, replenish and repose your senses in this humming boil! We are intimidated by tech stuff, spoilt by...
Gaurang Shah

Man who revived Indian weaves- Gaurang Shah

In conversation with one of the leading fashion designers today, Gaurang Shah He gave a new lease of life to the fading art of ethnic...