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Thursday, February 22, 2018
summer fashion

6 Summer trends to glam up your wardrobe: 2018

The winter coats are tucked away 'under the tutelage' and our runways are ready for Summer Fashion 2018. Our fashion ethics dish the dirt,...
Vikas Bagul, chocolate

Meet Vikas Bagul the winner of world chocolate masters!

Definitely Not a Measured Evening When you are told you’re meeting a chocolate genius who measures his words with the same precision as his craft...

Go Glitter this Season

Add a touch of shimmer and glamour to your beautiful, twinkling eyes Vibrancy in the family of Green I always had a passion for vibrant colors....
Trupti Murgunde

Badminton- no more a hobby sport

With cricket, now badminton has also come a long way in making the mark across the world. National Champion, Trupti Murgunde gets chatty with...

The Proof is in Eating the Pudding

How can a Christmas dinner end without a Christmas Pudding? A traditional dessert in the UK, Ireland and a few other countries that have British...
honeymoon destination

4 Honeymoon destinations on a shoe string budget

The wedding scenes are candidly shot by drone, a grand baaraat showed up good moves and of course, your family insisted on screening pre-wedding videos...
Eyelash Extensions

Flutter Them All The Way

Eyelash Extensions! It can't get better than this. How many of us long for long lustrous eyelashes? We use layers of mascara that may run...
Kala Ramnath, music, Violin

Violin that sings and heals

Let's take a peek into Maestro Kala Ramnath's 'singing violin', fond memories of her grandfather, and more. The pleasant winter evening turns enchanting as the...
hair transplant, Baldness

A Permanent Remedy for Baldness

Heard of ARTAS Hair Transplant Robot? Dr. Anjali Shere, a Dermatologist, MD, tells us more about it… One of the things that most men seem...
Mutual Funds

‘The Mutual Fund Industry is passing through its best ever phase’

Mutual Funds are 'one-stop shops' for all the investment needs of a retail investor" India has been witnessing a strong move towards 'financialisation' of assets...