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Drinking games

5 Drinking games for adults that make a housewarming hot!

Drinking games that roll the fun or icebreakers at housewarming parties Once you have arranged the hottest booze for the night, dressed up sultry, dimmed...
kerala beaches

A land adorned with beaches

The God’s Own Country, Kerala, boasts of beautiful beaches. Therefore, it won't be an exaggeration to say that Kerala beaches make this southern state...
mickey mehta

Get Mickeymized! – Prajakta Albuquerque in conversation with Mickey Mehta

Mickey Mehta has made it his mission to bring about a spiritual revolution. Calling him a spiritual guru would be befitting… a beacon of...
Studio Aadyaa

Sayalee Marathe opens up to IndiaVocal about her studio ‘Aadyaa’

'Aadyaa'that means 'the beginning' is a small sacred studio nestled off Prabhat road. We enter the Studio Aadyaa at 12, just as it kickstarts...
the artist aarti buxani

She has art in her name…Meet Aarti Buxani the artist

I met her at a show that I was hosting for a friend of mine. This lady was enigmatic and stood out from the...
Trupti Murgunde

Badminton- no more a hobby sport

With cricket, now badminton has also come a long way in making the mark across the world. National Champion, Trupti Murgunde gets chatty with...

Cycling made popular in India by Divya Tate the cyclist

Cycling in India was known in the 1930’s and was introduced by Jankidas the actor and sportsman. In 1938 both Jankidas and his manager...
Verve Rally

Verve Rally – In the seat of Luxury

"Where luxury meets Adventure" The tagline for ‘Verve Rally’. So appropriate. Synonymous with men, and fast cars, and speed. Here is a rally with a...
Shefali Shah

Rawness in between the monochromes

A candid conversation with actor Shefali Shah, who exhibited her paintings in the city recently ‘Ferocious with greed, incandescent and flaming, rising like the Phoenix,...

Make Pune Iconic

‘Why settle for ordinary, when you are destined for Iconic?’  is the brand’s philosophy. I so relate to this. Iconic the infinite fashion house...