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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
world theater day

Creating magic on stage

Every moment you spend in any artistic creation is a celebration for an artist. This day, March 27, is celebrated as World Theater Day....

Bhagat Singh: The known revolutionary, unknown to many

Our country has been the land where some of the greatest persons were born. We have produced the greatest kings, queens, saints, poets, artists,...
stephen hawking

Stephen Hawking: The icon of mystery

  "Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change." Stephen Hawking. 14th March 2018, will be a day etched in the minds of millions of us....
varun venkit

‘Finding The Rhythm Within’ with Varun Venkit-The Percussionist & Drummer

He is called the ‘indien fou’ by his master Mamady Keita….. It means the 'Crazy Indian'.Yes, Crazy he is, about the djembe and drumming...
face mask

5 Masks you need to ‘face it’ this summer

The lousy chair, a pair of bathroom slippers and cucumber slices placed over your eyes, is a congenial dream come true. What changes the...
Wadali Brothers

Wadali Brothers: Ustad Pyarelal Wadali, Sufi singer, is no more

Acclaimed Sufi singer and younger brother of Ustad Puranchand Wadali passed away this morning after suffering a cardiac arrest in Amritsar. It is indeed a...
happy women's day

Be yourself, love yourself- celebrate womanhood

Anything we put our heart and soul into, and sincerely and courageously decide to pursue, we can do it. We have several extraordinary women...

Cycling made popular in India by Divya Tate the cyclist

Cycling in India was known in the 1930’s and was introduced by Jankidas the actor and sportsman. In 1938 both Jankidas and his manager...
Sonali Kulkarni

Sonali Kulkarni says: “I do things that make me feel better”

Known for her elegance, charm and impressive performances, actor Sonali Kulkarni is back on the screen portraying Radha Agarkar, an eccentric woman in ‘Gulabjaam’....

Savarkar: An Immortal Revolutionary of India

Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, one of India’s greatest pro-independence activist and revolutionary breathed his last on this day, 52 years ago. On Veer Savarkar's 52nd death...